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TECHNICAL LINK is a professional designing company of quartz crystal products with long technical experience and sophisticated knowledge in crystal technology.   Advanced and reliable quartz crystal products are available in our design.

Our wide range of product lineup, including Crystals, TCXO, Clock Oscillators, VCXO, Filters and SAW Wafers, will meet versatile applications.  Crystal products, not limited to the products shown on this website, that require special and unique specifications for a particular use, will be technically consulted and thoroughly studied for the realization of their development and production, upon respective inquiry to us.

The president of Technical Link, a former chief engineer of  a Japanese leading crystal manufacturer, has conducted significant and extensive research and development on crystal products, and has contributed a lot to the development of crystal technology in Japan.  For instance, applying seam welding technology for SMD crystal units, being awarded a patent for their packages, was introduced and utilized by him for the first time in Japan.  Such highly stabilized products have been adopted to the various applications of leading electronic companies in Japan, such as Panasonic, NEC, Toshiba and Kokusai (Hitachi), in their pagers, cellular phones, marine telecommunication, aero and satellite telecommunication, etc.  Through his career as a crystal engineer and his contribution to the crystal technology, he has earned the leading electronic companies' trust and reliance on his expertise in crystal design, especially of precision products in the telecommunications field. 

Our services are extended to consultation on the working performance of our crystal products in the circuit of users' applications.  We also design production lines for quartz crystal products and guide the production management including quality control.

We are confident that our products, with our close technical supports, will satisfy your needs, and it is always our goal to be of a good technical partner to you.


Masanobu Naito


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What's New from Technical Link